Valerie McDonald

The mother of three daughters, Valerie has been an advocate for her oldest daughter Madeleine for many years. A former social worker, Valerie led a special education parents’ group at her children’s elementary school, helped found the advocacy group, People for Education, and now works as a writer and editor for community and health care organizations. In her spare time, Valerie trades stories with the very creative members of her writing group. She lives in a not-so-empty nest in Toronto with her husband, Bruce, daughter Maddie, an aged cat and a slightly neurotic dog. Her youngest daughter, Anna returns home for summers!

5 Responses to Valerie McDonald

  1. Val reaches out to, connects, and holds together many many people, including our writing group…fortunate to have her in our lives.

  2. Alana Raymond says:

    How do I connect with other parents who (autistic) child is entering into childhood? This is a good start but I would like to speak to Valerie if possible.

    • Valerie McDonald says:

      Hi Alana, I’m sorry I took so long to respond. I’ve been busy moving my daughter into a new home–very exciting and very time consuming, in addition to everything else in life! I’d be happy to connect with you. Many of Maddie’s friends have autism and their parents might have some advice for you. How would you like to connect?

  3. Hi Valerie! It is now 2 years later and I am beginning to build a community for my daughter, Gabby who is 20 years of age. (I did not realize you had responded but it has been hectic). She finally got Passport funding. I would love to meet for coffee with you, any parents, get advice, etc. It is overwhelming, to say the least, but I have spent 2 years getting things in place and am determined my kiddo is going to have some independence sometime. I am good through emai: or phone 416-566-9782.

    Hope you are still up for connecting because I can use the guidance and advice.

    • Valerie McDonald says:

      Hi Alana, I guess I’ve ignored this blog for a long time! Sorry about that! How are you coping with COVID?

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