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So what happened?

As I said, way back in June, we fired the first House Mentor. Then what to do? We asked Maddie how she felt staying in the house without someone there overnight. She was fine. So were Karen and Krystal. For … Continue reading

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Housing–the next big step

It turns out that finding housing for a young adult child isn’t just one problem. It’s really two HUGE problems. At least that’s what Bryan Keshan, CEO of Reena, has helped me understand. As a parent, I want to find housing that … Continue reading

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Dream Weavers

Mira Etlin-Stein and her partner, Amanda Landry are young Occupational Therapists who didn’t let a soft job market stop them from practicing in their chosen profession. They started Dream Weavers Collective— a community-based grassroots company that offers group and individual … Continue reading

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ODSP, DSO, DSTO—who does what?

The social service world is full of confusing acronyms. ODSP, DSO and DSTO are all funded by the Ontario government and all provide services to adults with disabilities. However, they are separate organizations with separate application procedures. ODSP–Ontario Disability Support … Continue reading

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Two information nights: DSO and Life After High School

Developmental Services Ontario is now the gateway to most opportunities for our disabled children. Laura Starret, Lights Coordinator with Community Living has organized a Networking Evening on the topic of – Understanding “the system” with a DSO Toronto Service Navigator … Continue reading

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The power of connections

At a recent Lights networking meeting, more than two dozen family members and young adults spent an evening exploring questions and ideas about independent housing options. The young (and not-so-young) adults met together to share their dreams about the type … Continue reading

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Club Kodiak fosters dreams of independent living

Last summer, after we moved our younger daughter into a shared student house, Maddie remarked that she might also like to move out and live with friends someday. I was very surprised, having begun to imagine my retirement with an … Continue reading

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