Changes in the house

There have been many changes in Maddie’s house. The biggest one was that Karen moved out! It was always her dream to live independently, without the support of a live-in mentor. After three + years of supported independent living, she is now settled into her own apartment.

Fortunately for us, Ben, a friend of Maddie’s, heard the news and reached out to say he’d like to move in. We had several meetings and visits and welcomed him at the beginning of February.


“Thanks, Papa!”

One unintended consequence of the changes in housemates was the loss of some key household items and furniture. The coffee maker and dining room table belonged to Karen–both highly valued items! Krystal and Morgan were quick to purchase a replacement for their morning caffeine fixes and Maddie’s grandfather kindly offered to buy her a dining room table. Following a hot tip from my Aunt Pat, we headed to the Singing Lady Consignment Emporium and found a lovely, solid maple table that seats eight! We installed it just in time for an all-family pot luck with the four housemates, their parents and our Monday mentor, Laura. I would have taken a group photo but we were having too much fun!

When Ben moved in, he chose what had been the TV room as his bedroom, leaving the large main floor bedroom free for communal activities. It is now a bustling hub for hanging out, watching TV, practicing yoga, displaying art projects and hosting guests. With space for a keyboard and a “stage” the residents recently hosted a variety show/party under the direction of MC Morgan. It is a lively house!


One u

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1 Response to Changes in the house

  1. Jenna says:

    Yup that’s what I love this house it’s a lively house and very organized then my apartment

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