So what happened?

As I said, way back in June, we fired the first House Mentor. Then what to do? We asked Maddie how she felt staying in the house without someone there overnight. She was fine. So were Karen and Krystal. For the rest of the summer, we hired a wonderful young woman to come several times a week to have group meals with the Housemates. We realized that they are all quite independent and capable, but they are not very skilled at finding ways to get together. Having a support person meant that they spent time together, cooking, eating, cleaning up and just socializing.

Meanwhile, we thought long and hard about our job description and decided to amend it somewhat. For round two, we decided not to charge rent for the basement apartment. We also decided to ask the mentor to act as a Housemate and take part in the activities of the entire house, and not just live in the basement apartment and appear for meals.  Finally, in late August, we found the amazing Morgan!


The residents with Morgan and Madeleine (the awesome Landlady)

Morgan has two diplomas–one in Developmental Services and one in Comedy, Performance and Writing! Some of the housemates knew her from Dramaway where she has been teaching for several years. A performer, arts facilitator, and all-round creative person, she moved in with her two cats in September and things are going swimmingly. The cats proved to be a great addition too. That’s another story.

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