Maddie was voted in!

Maddie common ground2Maddie is now a partner in Common Ground Co-operative ! She spent a year in the foundation program developing life and work skills and completed placements in the coffee shed and Lemon and Allspice Cookery. After that, the partners voted her in to the apprenticeship program where she worked for six hours a week learning to bake cookies, brownies and squares and other delicious treats.

Most of the partners in the cookery are older and have worked there for many years. As the younger, newer member, it was a struggle for Maddie to keep up and learn to work independently on all the tasks required to fill orders. But this week, the partners decided to take a chance on her.  They voted her into the partnership! She will continue working about six hours a week, and will earn a portion of the profits. It’s not a lot of money, but it is well-earned.

Congratulations Maddie!

If anyone needs delicious treats or sandwichesLemon and Allspice logo for an event or meeting, why not order from Lemon and Allspice? Call (416) 686-1906.

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